What can I do for you?

That’s generally what people are wondering, isn’t it? Well, let me see…


I can write fresh content, proofread existing content, ghostwrite, type up notes (or whatever else), transcribe audio or anything of that nature. I love writing and can write factually and professionally, or creatively and innovatively, depending on whatever it is that you need. I know everyone can write, and there’s a lot of writers out there, but I think you’ll be pleased with the result if you give me a try. I’m one of those people who can glance at something and see every grammatical error immediately, but I’m also someone who loves to play around with words and their meanings creatively.

Self-Protection, Health, Fitness, Personal Security and Martial Arts:

I’m a fully certified and insured self-protection instructor with my own system, Evolutionary Self-Protection. I am a proud member of the British Combat Association, and their Association and Register of Self-Protection Instructors. I’m an active member in various online networks of instructors of various associated disciplines and thirstily learn new methods of training and teaching to adapt and apply to my own. Evolutionary Self-Protection is a true innovation in holistic and realistic training for self-protection, health, fitness and personal security. I’m available for regular classes, workshops, seminars, lectures, corporate training, personal tuition or just simple advice.

Questioning and Investigation:

This one’s a little more unusual, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that in itself is the issue for many people across the world. People simply don’t openly and honestly question things enough, and issues don’t get investigated thoroughly enough to find any real truth and conclusion. I can help with this. If you have something unexplained or confusing that needs investigation, then feel free to get in touch.

Anything Else:

Ask and you shall receive! If you need something doing, let me know. If I can’t do it then I’ll help you find someone who can if I can. I’m not talking about corporate referral deals or anything like that here either – I’m talking about actually asking real people who I know whether they can help you out. I prefer to do things properly.


Break the silence:

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